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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


By Saddam Hussein

Warmth of sunlight streaming
Through the window of my cell
Morning with no reason

A bug appears
Finding comfort in my forearm hairs black and gray
How much we share in common this bug and me

I too am in the wrong place
Oh bug. Please bug, be my friend
Oh bug you want to fly, such disappointment

Ahh, it stays!
Stay with me my little friend and I will provide for you

Oh bug you have left me!
In flight now – to the bars, to the air
I reach for you, such yearning

Oh bug you are taunting me!
Deviant bug, come here this instant or you shall pay!

I have you now, firmly in my grasp, ha, ha
I have tweezers, now your head is gone
I pluck a dingle berry from my arse
Now it is down the bloody stump that was your throat
You son of a Kurdish whore!

No more will the bug disobey me
Meaning and hope have been restored



I was on Joe Scarborough's MSNBC show last night, part of a panel discussing whether President Bush should be impeached. You might have caught it; I don’t know what time it comes on over there. Anyway, as I always do in any political debate, I started out the evening arguing about Bush's imperial and illegal adventure in Iraq. This always results in blank stares and heavy sighs, which is my cue to look smug and claim to have won the argument. Works every time. Speaking of legal this might be good for your current “situation.”

BTW It’s great to see you’ve started a blog – good for you! Maybe you’ll consider linking to my blog?? Hit me back and let me know.

Posted by: PrincessArianna

Dude@#$%@#!!$# -- I thought we had a deal?? – You suck

Posted by: U.N.Koffi


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Dude@#$%@#!!$# -- I thought we had a deal?? – You suck

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