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Monday, January 01, 2007


Hello, it is me again. I know it is hard to believe in, but if you are reading my book you wouldn’t be too surprised because God has appeared to me and predicted all that is passing. You know what they say, “One man’s hanging is another man’s martyrdom.” But I am many times worrying that my resurrection, Jerry Bruckheimer-ish apocalypse, four horsemen on fire thingy I was planning on, is not going to be happening so soon. God’s days are like centuries or something...

– he tried explaining but my 72 virgins can be a little distracting. They’re constantly bickering!

Anyway, I want to throw a thought at you… I am most times loving the Palestinian peoples but they do just go on and on about their problems, and after awhile I wish they’d just get over it already. Very similar to the whining of your American Indians, “We’re a conquered native people forced to live on reserved land, our economy is depressed, etc, etc.” So I say, make a theft from the American history books and come up with the perfect solution…

I guarantee this will work. In a few years everyone will want to be Palestinian. Even the Jews will claim a 1/16th heritage. Problem solved.

– You’re welcome. Now buy my book



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